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Blackfire Advanced Interior Care Kit

$CAD 43.99

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The sensible solution to complex cleaning problems!

Our time-challenged schedule adds to the increasing complexity of keeping a modern vehicle clean. As we open our car's door, we are confronted with carpet mats, a vinyl dash, leather seats, rubber door seals, plastic knobs, metal speaker grills, wood trim, a cloth headliner and door inserts that may be vinyl, or leather, or vinyl covered leather! We are not sure. Do we use a leather conditioner or a vinyl protectant? How do we clean all these surfaces? Do we need a separate cleaner for cloth, carpet, wood, metal, vinyl and leather? No wonder people don't clean their car. It's too #!%&? complicated!

The Blackfire Interior Care Kit is the most sensible kit because two products allow you to clean all of your car's interior surfaces and protect most of them. We are particularly proud that both Blackfire Interior Cleaner and Interior Protectant use very advanced technology to make life simpler, not more complex. We are tired of buying the latest in audio, video and computer equipment only to discover that we need a doctorate in engineering to use the blasted thing! Blackfire uses the latest technology to make car care easier not more difficult.

Blackfire Advanced Technology Interior Cleaner is a 100%, water-based, multi-material cleaner. Use it to quickly and safely remove all manner of dirt, grime, oils and stains on leather, vinyl, velour, carpet, fabric, wood, plastic and metal. After cleaning, protect your car's interior surfaces with Blackfire Micro-engineered Interior Protectant. Interior Protectant enhances and protects leather, vinyl, wood, rubber, plastic and metal surfaces.

One cleaner and one protectant. It doesn't get any simpler!

Count the materials on a door:
Dark vinyl upper trim strip
Wood insert
Satin aluminum door handle
Plastic trim around handle
Vinyl arm rest
Leather insert (middle of door)
Light vinyl lower door panel
Metal speaker grill
Nylon window buttons

Blackfire Interior Kit safely cleans and protects all these surfaces!

Our Blackfire Interior Care Kit includes:
16 oz. spray bottle of Advanced Technology Interior Cleaner
16 oz. spray bottle of Micro-engineered Interior Protectant
2 Microfiber Applicator Pads
2 Microfiber Wipe Cloths
1 Leather & Vinyl Scrub Brush
(also works on carpet and velour)
A 2-way Detailing Brush

There are no instructions included in the kit other than what is on each bottle. For cleaning, spray the surface being cleaned and wipe with a Microfiber cloth. For stubborn stains, spray and agitate with the scrub brush before wiping. For hard-to-reach areas, spray one of the Microfiber applicator pads or the 2-way Detailing Brush and reach into all the nooks and crannies.
For protecting the surface, either spray the surface directly or spray one of the Microfiber applicator pads and wipe the surface. Buff dry with one of the Microfiber wipe cloths.

This kit makes interior car care a breeze!

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