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RaggTopp Leather Care Kit

$CAD 43.99

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A survival kit for your convertible's leather interior!

Raggtopp has put their considerable cleaning and UV-protection experience together to address an overlooked area of convertible ownership - leather interiors. Gone are the days when convertibles only came with cloth or vinyl interiors. BMW, Audi, Volvo, Mercedes, Lexus, Porsche, Ferrari, VW, Honda, Mazda and Aston Martin all make cabriolets with sumptuous leather interiors.

If you're new to convertible ownership, you'll quickly discover the joys and perils of top-down motoring and parking. With the wind-in-your-hair enjoyment comes all manner of airborne contamination which coats every inch of your car's interior. Now park with the top down to run a quick errand and the sun bakes this mixture of grime and perspiration into the leather. Park under a tree for shade? Forget it! The acid in leaves, tree sap and bird droppings await the unprotected interior. It's a fact of life that convertible interiors get dirtier quicker and are harder to clean than enclosed sedans.

This brings me to Raggtopps new Convertible Leather Interior Care Kit. Well thought out, this kit includes an 8 oz. spray of leather cleaner, an 8 oz. spray of leather conditioner with a strong UV sun block and two applicator pads. I applaud the 8 oz. size because these bottles are small enough to keep in the glove box. I'm a firm believer of treating stains as soon as they occur and, as a convertible owner, know that most "accidents" don't happen at home. I also like the fact that the conditioner is a spray because it will condition perforated leather panels without clogging the holes.

While Raggtopp doesn't talk about vinyl (they would like you to purchase their vinyl care products), I did confirm with the factory that these products can safely be used on vinyl dashes, consoles and trim panels.

Raggtopp Convertible Leather Cleaner
Deep cleans & revitalizes leather exposed to the sun, sweat, body oils and stains.
Neutral pH maintains the leather's moisture balance
Hypo allergenic & safe for sensitive skin
For use on solid, perforated, top coated and aniline dyed leathers

Raggtopp Convertible Leather Conditioner
Repels water, resists perspiration stains and scuffing to preserve & extend the life of automotive leather
For use on solid, perforated, top coated and aniline dyed leathers
Strong UV blockers reduce leather fade & sun induced cracking
Will not clog perforated leather
Use on the steering wheel, shift knob, shifter boots and all interior leather

Bottom line, if you own a convertible with a leather interior get this kit. Mist and wipe the conditioner every 45 to 60 days and use the cleaner as needed to remove spills, stains and accidents.

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