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Ragg Topp Fabric/Vinyl Cleaner

$CAD 16.99

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The only, I repeat only, cleaning product recommended by the manufacturers of fabric and vinyl convertible topping material!

Late December, 2002, I received a pleasant phone call from John Capron, Vice President of the Haartz Corporation. For those of you that don't know, the Haartz Corporation supplies convertible topping material for virtually every convertible manufactured throughout the world! Mr. Capron was impressed by the thoroughness of the information we offer on our web site but wished to point out that the cleaners and protectants we were recommending for fabric convertible top care were not recommended by the Haartz Corporation.

Haartz has performed exhaustive testing on almost every product in the industry used for cleaning and protecting fabric convertible tops. The only product for cleaning fabric convertible tops that passed all their tests and earned their endorsement is Wolfstein's Raggtopp Cleaner.

Mr. Capron informed me that, over time, fabric convertible tops tend to deteriorate from acidic environmental pollution, mildew and dirt. Without regular cleaning and treatment with a fluorocarbon protectant, cloth convertible tops can lose water repellency and become prematurely soiled. The Haartz Corporation and Rode & Schwalenberg Gmbh. (Germany) both recommend regular cleaning with Raggtopp Cleaner and protecting with Raggtopp Protectant.

Raggtopp cleaner safely removes the toughest roof soils and stains. It will not harm automotive finishes, chrome, glass, vinyl, rubber or plastic windows.

Raggtopp Cleaner has also been tested and approved by Roll-N-Lock® the industry leader in retractable truck cover technology.

Note: Raggtopp Cleaner is manufacturer recommended for cleaning both fabric and vinyl convertible tops. Follow with Raggtopp Protectant for fabric convertible tops and RaggTopp Vinyl Protectant for vinyl convertible tops.

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