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Detailing Clay & Pre-wax Cleaning

Every car finish shares a common enemy: pollution. It relentlessly pursues your car from the second it leaves the factory until your car meets its ultimate demise. It's in the air we breathe, it's on the roads we drive, and it attaches to your car's paint, where it bonds and begins a process of oxidation.

When contaminants get a solid grip on your car's paint, washing alone may not be enough to remove them. Pre-wax cleaners also may not be able to exfoliate large particles. In this case, you have two choices: use a polishing compound, which removes a lot of paint material, or use a detailing clay. Detail clay isn't a polish or a compound, it is a surface preparation bar that smoothes the paint and removes bonded contaminants.

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Blackfire Clay Cleaner & Extender

Extend the life and increase the performance of clay bars....

$CAD 10.99

Blackfire Clay Lubricant

protect your car's paint and extend the life of clay...

$CAD 10.99

Blackfire PolyClay II (200gr - 7oz)

200gr - 7oz

The quick solution to rough, gritty...

$CAD 24.99

Blackfire PolyClay II Kit

Temporarily Out Of Stock

Make rough, gritty finishes...

$CAD 41.99

Meguiar's Detailing Clay

200grams = 7oz

Detailing clay removes overspray and contaminants that washing...

$CAD 27.99

Meguiar's No.34 Final Inspection


A lubricating, quick detailing spray that adds gloss, removes fingerprints...

$CAD 8.99

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