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In Germany, polish manufacturers compete fiercely for the Mercedes, Volkswagen and BMW consumer. While price is a consideration, the German mind is much more inclined toward technological superiority rather than the cheapest price. The leading supplier to German automakers, is Menzerna-werk.

The Menzerna Company has been making abrasives and polishing compounds since 1888. Menzerna is still a family-owned company and only manufacturers abrasives, compounds and polishes. They also produce a variety of micro-fine abrasives for other industries and are recognized as a world leader in abrasive and polishing technology.

Not only does Menzerna mill abrasives as fine as 0.3 micron, they have developed some of the tightest quality control procedures in the industry. Everything from raw material certification and testing to the finished product is rigorously inspected and controlled. Menzerna polishing compounds are TUV approved (the German Automotive Safety Council) and meet or exceed ISO 9001 standards, the highest in the world.

What this means to you is the elimination of polishing swirl lines that can occur from an oversize abrasive particle getting through the quality control process.

What's the Big Deal?

To begin with, Menzerna polishes are water-based! Technically, they're an oil-in-water emulsion. They do contain a petroleum distillate but it's a lubricant, not a solvent. Menzerna polishes contain no solvent cleaners! They also contain no fillers, no glaze, no wax and no silicones.

With Menzerna you can often go directly from compounding (defect removal) to finishing (final wax or sealant) on light color paints. The secondary polishing and glaze step can be completely eliminated! On dark color paints, secondary polishing to a high gloss finish can be accomplished in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

Menzerna Advantages:

Safe for use on factory cured paint and brand new paint.
Excellent for one stage and base coat-clear coat finishes.
Can be used on lacquer and acrylic paints
No petroleum solvent is being introduced back in to the paint.
Minimum dusting.
One-step, rapid, swirl, line and defect removal with minimal or no surface haze on light color paints.
Minimal follow-up polishing required on dark color paints.
Swirls and defects are removed, not just covered-up.
Can be applied by hand, orbital, dual-action or circular polishers.

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