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S100 Detailing Swabs Pkg/50

$CAD 11.99

Quantity : 

Finally, a simple little finishing tool for detailing the tiniest of places. 50 8" flexible stem cotton swabs geared towards cleaning corners, cracks and crannies. Dust and dirt that accumulates in crevasses of your console, dash, electronics, gear shift and slews of other places doesn’t stand a chance. These handy guys are also useful for removing wax and polish residue, dirt and grime from around emblems, side moldings and such.

Originally created by S100 for motorcycle engine detailing, these swab sticks have an unlimited amount of uses when detailing autos. These lint-free flexible cotton swabs dislodge and remove stubborn particles that insist on finding their way into the most difficult spots to get at. Brushes simply move them around, or altogether can’t free wedged crumbs, lint and dirt. These are sturdy enough to knock loose obstinate tidbits that prevent your car from achieving perfection.

Pack contains 50 8" flexible detailing swabs.

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