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Blackfire Interior Protectant

$CAD 14.99

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Revolutionary! A leather conditioner and vinyl protectant in one bottle!

The perfect compliment to BLACKFIRE's new Interior Cleaner, BLACKFIRE Micro-engineered Interior Protectant is quite possibly the most technologically advanced vinyl and leather, conditioner/protectant on the planet! The active ingredient in this product is so new that I prefer not to disclose even the country where it is manufactured.

BLACKFIRE Micro-engineered Interior Protectant enhances and protects vinyl and moisturizes and protects leather. It functions as a leather conditioner, a vinyl protectant and a multi-surface, interior protectant! Use Micro-engineered Interior Protectant to enhance and protect interior wood accent strips, polished and satin metals, plastic panels and cup holders. It is a 100% water-based formula containing no oils, no alcohols and no petroleum distillates. There is nothing to dry out leather or deteriorate stitching. Micro-engineered Interior Protectant is perfectly pH-balanced (7) to match the pH requirements of leather. After treatment, a micro-fine moisture barrier remains on the surface to resist perspiration stains and help retard UV-induced fading.

What makes all of this possible is a newly developed, state-of-the-art polymer that protects, moisturizes and softens with a natural pH perfect for leather. This new polymer has been chemically, micro-engineered to perform both the function of a protectant and the function of a moisturizing lotion. It was crafted for the skin care industry but we found the characteristics of this new polymer perfect for a multi-material interior protectant.

In the past, products marketed for both vinyl and leather contained either a petroleum solvent and/or oils to moisturize leather. These oils remained on the surface of vinyl creating a greasy finish and attracting dust. That won't happen with Micro-engineered Interior Protectant. It dries quickly to a non-greasy, satin finish that does not attract dust!

Perfect for today's new interior materials:

Many new automotive leathers are topped with a clear vinyl layer for protection. Owners can mistakenly treat these "leathers" with a leather conditioner which results in a greasy film, the oils unable to penetrate the vinyl topping.

BLACKFIRE Micro-engineered Interior Protectant is perfect for both naturally faced and vinyl faced leathers. The satin finish will not create dash glare and compliments the matte vinyl now used on most dashboards.

Use Micro-engineered Interior Protectant on the dash, console, seats and door panels. When you're done, give your car's rubber door seals a quick
wipe to keep them soft and pliable.

Enhances and protects wood, metal and plastic:

Micro-engineered Interior Protectant protects and enhances wood, metal trim, plastic trim, buttons, cup holders and speaker grills.

It will not stain any metal or plastic surface.

Application is a breeze:

Spray Micro-engineered Interior Protectant directly on the surface or spray a Microfiber applicator pad and wipe areas near glass. Allow a minute or two (on leather) for product to penetrate. Wipe surface with a clean cotton or Microfiber cloth. If over spray lands on glass, it can be wiped off easily with any glass cleaner. This Interior Protectant dries very quickly allowing you to drive the vehicle immediately without fear of staining clothing.

Note:BLACKFIRE Micro-engineered Interior Protectant is recommended for vat dyed leathers, surface dyed leathers and all vinyl. It should not be used on napped leathers such as suede. Leather that has become cracked through age or neglect can not be restored to its original state by any available method.

BLACKFIRE Interior Protectant meets California's Air Resources Board, Consumer Products Regulations specifying VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) content and limits for automotive interior protectants.


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