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Blackfire High-UV Leather Conditioner

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The highest UV protection available for leathers exposed to the sun.

BLACKFIRE Interior Protectant, as good as it is, was not designed to combat the sustained UV exposure of a bike or convertible. Blackfire looked at other leather conditioners which claim UV protection and found the vast majority of products, while fine conditioners, were using UV blocking technology developed in the 1980's. Considering the level of protection needed, these products were totally inadequate in the amount of UV protection provided.

Blackfire also looked at conditioners that claim to put a protective moisture barrier on the leather. Again, because these products were developed a decade or more ago, they contained polymers that were greasy, slippery, shiny or actually sealed the leather's surface (preventing heat dissipation). None of these were bad products. They just were not a state-of-the-art product.

Frustrated, BLACKFIRE asked there chemist to make me best product he could to protect car and bike's leather against the relentless Florida sun. The result of the request is BLACKFIRE High-UV Leather Conditioner .

The conditioning part of the formula was never a problem. Conditioning, or replacement of oils lost through evaporation, is well understood and hasn't changed much in the last fifty years. Combining really effective UV screening with a moisture barrier to prevent photo oxidation proved more difficult.

To resist perspiration, salt, skin oil, and lotion stains, our chemist selected a co-polymer recently developed by Dow Corning. This co-polymer cross links with itself to provide a blanket of protection on top of the leather. It blocks moisture yet still allows air flow through the coating to facilitate heat dissipation. This co-polymer is also non-greasy, dries almost on contact to a matte finish and isn't slippery.

For UV protection, he went all the way to Switzerland to CIBA, the maker of TINUVIN 5151. Without getting too deep, TINUVIN 5151 contains both competitive UV absorbers and hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) to significantly retard photo-oxidative degradation. UV-Absorbers prevent degradation by blocking, or absorbing, UV energy. HALS stabilizers act as radical scavengers and inhibit photo-oxidative breakdown reactions. Both work together to provide the highest level of UV protection available

To pack the maximum amount of conditioning oils, protective polymers and UV-absorbers in the formula, it had to be a rich cream. I do not recommend using BLACKFIRE High-UV Leather Conditioner on perforated leathers as it could clog the pores and do not use on napped leathers such as suede.

Bottom line, if your car, bike, boat or RV has solid leather seating, BLACKFIRE High-UV Leather Conditioner is the very best conditioner, UV block and moisture barrier on the planet.

16 oz.

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