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CCS Gold Concours Finishing Pads
The World's Softest Finishing Foam Pads!

That's no exaggeration. This custom, hybrid foam is the world's softest finishing foam. The actual foam is a German formula but made in the USA exclusively for Lake Country Mfg. These Gold, Concours Finishing Pads are engineered for applying the final wax or sealant to create the absolute best shine.

To put this new, gold foam in perspective, it has a cell count of 100 pores per inch compared with Lake Country's Red and Blue Finishing Foams which have a cell count of 60 pores per inch. That's forty percent softer! The extra cell count means these gold pads disperse wax and sealants more evenly. Remember the flatter and more uniform you make the surface, the greater the light reflection (shine). While most enthusiasts understand this principle when applied to polishing, the same is true of finishing. The more uniformly you apply the final wax or sealant, the greater the shine.

Built with the latest CCS Technology

CCS or Closed Cell Structure Technology retains more wax or sealant on the pad's surface by reducing the amount of product that soaks into the pad. This means you'll use less product to cover a given area and you can finish a larger area before applying additional wax or sealant.

Constant Pressure™ Technology is built-in!

Constant pressure may not be good for people but it's great for foam pads where you want a uniform and constant pressure on the surface being finished. Professionals have learned through experience to keep their machines parallel to the surface being worked on. Tilting the machine in any direction can result in an uneven and excessive pressure being transferred to the surface.

In our best polishing pads, we use a layer of engineered, instant rebound foam between the pad and the backing plate to absorb off-axis movements while keeping the pressure of the pad on the surface constant. This is not required with these Gold Concours Finishing Pads because the foam is actually softer than the "instant rebound" foam used in our polishing pads! These pads automatically absorb any off-axis motion.

Curved edge allows working in tight spaces and around complex curves!

The other patented, innovation incorporated in these pads are a curved outer edge. The curvature on the outer edge of the pad allows easy transitions over seams and inclines.

Standard pads are flat-cut. We pay extra to have the top edge rounded over because it prevents pads from snagging while working in tight spaces.

Bottom line.

If you're finishing a show car with custom paintwork or just want the best shine on your daily driver, use these Gold, Concours Finishing Pads.

Available in a 6-1/2 inch diameter by 1-1/4 inch thick and a 7-1/2 inch diameter by 1-1/4 inch thick. Both sizes are designed to work with a six inch Hook-and-Loop Backing Plate (not included).

Gold foam isn't just for machine buffing. We also have Concours Gold Foam Wax Applicators, Gold Finger Pocket Applicators, Ultimate Wax & Polish Applicator, and the UltiMitt Foam Car Wash Mitts made of this same super-soft foam.

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CCS Technology Gold 6.5" Concours Finishing Pad

Temporarily Out Of Stock

CCS Gold Concours Finishing Pads

$CAD 11.49

CCS Technology Gold 7.5" Concours Finishing Pads

CCS Gold Concours Finishing Pads
The World's Softest Finishing Foam Pads!


$CAD 12.49

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