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Lake Country Hi-Gloss 5-1/2 inch CCS Pads for Conventional and Scratch-Resistant Clear Coats

Lake Country Manufacturing, one of the world's largest manufacturer of foam polishing pads, has spent years working with automakers in Europe, Canada, the U.S. and Mexico and with polish suppliers to develop a new generation of foam polishing pads. The result is a patented technology they call CCS, Collapsed Cell Structures.

While developed for the new super-hard, scratch-resistant clear coats, CCS pads are great on conventional paints and clear coats. This technology has been tested and approved at the OEM level and was introduced to the after market at Automechanika in Frankfurt, Germany, in September of 2006 and at the International Autobody Congress & Exposition, (NACE), Las Vegas, NV. in November of 2006.

What is CCS Technology?

The new, harder, scratch-resistant clear coats require longer polishing times to remove swirls, spots and defects. The longer you polish with conventional foam pads, the less effective they become because polish migrates below the working surface of the pad. The pad "dries out."

CCS Technology solves this problem using strategic patterns of partially closed foam cells. These cells slow the rate of polish absorption, gradually releasing polish as needed by the operator. CCS pockets reduce surface tension, prevent pad skipping and allow the operator to run the pad flat on the working surface.

Professional results, even if you're a beginner!

CCS Pads feature two, additional, design innovations. First, they continue to incorporate Constant Pressure™ technology.

Constant pressure may not be good for people but it's great for polishing pads where you want a uniform and constant pressure on the surface being polished. Professionals have learned through experience to keep their machines parallel to the surface being polished. Tilting the machine in any direction can result in an uneven and excessive pressure being transferred to the painted surface.

This new patented Constant Pressure technology uses a layer of engineered instant rebound foam between the pad and the backing plate to absorb off-axis movements while keeping the pressure of the pad on the surface constant.

The other patented innovation incorporated in CCS Pads are a curved outer edge. The curvature on the outer edge of the pad allows easy transitions over seams and inclines.

Standard CCS pads are 1-1/4 inch thick and flat-cut. We pay extra to have the top edge rounded over because it prevents pads from snagging while polishing seams and edges.

We also pay attention to the back of the pad. Standard CCS pads run the hook and loop backing material to the edge of the pad. This material is very course and can cause scratching if it hits the paint or other areas while working in tight spaces or around mirrors and wings. We cut the Velcro brand fastening material back 1/4 inch from the edge and 1/8 inch into he pad. This allows you to work right against corners, mirrors, wings and complex angles without fear of scratching the paintwork.

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned professional, the advanced features of our CCS pads will yield consistently excellent results.

Six different pads are available.

Yellow - More aggressive cutting action than the white pad. Use this pad to compound older vehicles with a dull, chalky or neglected finish. This pad works well with Menzerna Intensive Polish or Menzerna Super Intensive Polish

Orange - aggressive cut. For removing swirls, scratches and paint defects. This pad works very well with Menzerna Intensive Polish.

White - mild polishing pad. For finish polishing or restoring surface gloss. This pad works well with BLACKFIRE Gloss Enhancing Polish and Menzerna Final Polish II.

Green - mild polishing power for removing light swirls yet finishes to a high gloss. Excellent on German paints and for applying one step, polish/sealants.

Black - finessing pad for removing holograms and micro marring defects

Red - final polishing/finishing pad. Use this pad to apply your favorite glaze, sealant or wax.

Gold - concours finishing pad. The softest pad available for any final process.

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