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Grit Guard™ is a new idea created to save the surfaces you are washing from being scratched. Your fabulous car finish or any surface, can easily be scratched when it is washed. Almost all scratches and swirls which occur, are caused from improper car washing. The dirt and grit from you car get trapped in you mitt or brush as you are washing your vehicle. Until now, they had no way to be released. Now, with the invention of Grit Guard™, that has changed. Grit Guard™ provides the radial surface you need to release these contaminants. Rubbing your brush or mitt across the Grit Guard™ Insert releases what has been trapped in the mitt, letting it fall through the insert, into the bottom of the container; not to be picked up again. Your mitt or brushes don't touch the bottom where the contaminates are trapped and you are not repeating the vicious cycle. Without the addition of Grit Guard™ to your washing regime, there is no way to separate the dirt and grit from your clean wash water.

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Grit Guard Insert

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Reduce washing swirls!

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