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A Legacy of Innovation

Dursol-Fabrik was founded in 1929 by Otto Durst, a German inventor. The invention of the automobile brought a rush of excitement. These early automobiles were heavily laden with brass and chrome, which would quickly tarnish from the severe German weather. Mr. Durst was disappointed that the beauty could not be preserved.
This led to extensive research in the field of chemistry and experimentation with various formulas. Mr. Durst's findings resulted in a significant breakthrough in metal polish that helps to deliver the brilliant shine you will obtain with AUTOSOL.

AUTOSOL metal polish quickly became a worldwide sensation, achieving international acclaim by setting a new standard for luster. Its unique formula, which leaves an invisible coating to retard against oxidation was the first of what would be many innovations from Dursol-Fabrik.

Today, you can find AUTOSOL products throughout the world, wherever quality is important. From the factories of BMW and Mercedes-Benz, to private-label products for companies like Texaco and Toyota. From the fastest Porsche on the Autobahn to the S-Class taking a Sunday drive through the California wine country, our customers can count on quality from a respected source - AUTOSOL.

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This world famous and internationally awarded high quality product cleans, protects and...

$CAD 12.99

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