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Back in 1987, Terry and Jan Freiberg founded Classic Motoring Accessories, they were primarily a wholesale distributor of professional detailing products serving detailers, body shops and car dealers in Florida. While they carried the best brands of the time, including Meguiar's, Mothers, 3M, Wurth and Stoner, there customers kept asking for products that would work even better or literally didn't exist. Twenty years ago there were no products for convertible top care, black trim care or even quick detailing.

In 1989, they hired a chemist and sent him into the field to work hand-in-hand with detailers and body shop technicians to experience first hand the challenges of real-world detailing. He would spend one day in the field crawling in and out of grimy vehicles and then go back to his lab to formulate solutions to what he was experiencing in the field. This process of continuing, in-field, research and development culminated in 1991 with the debut of our Eimann Fabrik Professional Detailing Products.

Many of those first Eimann Fabrik products set a new benchmark for performance and became classics. Clear Vision, which we had to discontinue in 2004 because it no longer met the government's VOC standards, is still considered by many to be the best automotive glass cleaner ever made. Likewise, Clear Pearl Instant Detail Spray raised the bar for all quick detail products. Clear Pearl was discontinued in 2005, again a casualty of increasingly strict government VOC standards but was completely reformulated and released in August, 2005 as Waterless Auto Wash & Gloss Sealant.

Today, they continue to improve there Eimann Fabrik Professional Products both to meet current government standards and to take advantage of new cleaning agents, surfactants and polymers developed in the U.S., Germany and Sweden.

Once considered a trade secret brand by many professional detailers, the internet now allows do-it-yourself, car enthusiasts to enjoy these no-nonsense, field-tested products to make detailing easier.

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Eimann Fabrik Black Sapphire Tire Gel


Give tires a deep, black, finish
that will last...

$CAD 24.99

Eimann Fabrik Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

Temporarily Out Of Stock


Get stains...

$CAD 11.99

Eimann Fabrik Clear Pearl II Instant Detail Spray


The five minute detail is here!

Clear Pearl is...

$CAD 11.99

Eimann Fabrik Gentle Shampoo


Our best value in a gentle, car wash shampoo....

$CAD 12.99

Eimann Fabrik High Gloss Acrylic Shield 32oz.

Eimann Fabrik High Gloss Acrylic Shield 32oz.

High Gloss Acrylic Shield...

$CAD 16.99

Eimann Fabrik Tire Cleaner


Don't just wash your tires.
Deep clean them!

$CAD 11.99

Eimann Fabrik Ultra Black Tire Dressing


The quest for the perfect tire dressing.


$CAD 22.99

Eimann Fabrik VOC Free Engine Degreaser


Eimann Fabrik Engine Degreaser is the latest technology in 100%...

$CAD 11.99

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