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Menzerna Super Finish PO106FA

$CAD 53.99

Quantity : 

32 oz

There's been a lot of buzz on the street about a "new" polish from Menzerna, PO106FA. Menzerna PO106FA is being touted as an "improved" version of Menzerna's top polish, PO106FF. According to Mr. Silver, President of Menzerna, USA; Menzerna PO106FA was developed for one European automaker that desired slightly faster "cutting" on their assembly line and faster residue "clean-up." This request was due entirely to the speed and volume of their assembly line and not because of any shortcomings of PO106FF. Menzerna obliged and made the polish's liquid base "stickier" to keep more of the polish particles on the surface of the pad. This allowed the pad to cut slightly faster and the slightly reduced "fling-off" meant less time spent on residue wipe-off. Menzerna gave this new polish the part number PO106FA. That's it. Nothing else was changed.

For those of you new to the world of really cutting-edge automotive polishes, in 2004, European automakers began switching to a new polish made by Menzerna of Germany. Selected GM and Chrysler plants here in the U.S. soon followed. This polish, Menzerna PO106FF, offered automakers the ability to remove 3000 to 2500 grit swirls and defects in both conventional clear coats and the new, super-hard, scratch resistant clears. PO106FF removed defects and left a mirror-like finish in one step, eliminating the need for separate compounding and finishing.

What does this mean to you?

For the enthusiast working in his garage, saving a bit of time may not seem like a major issue, but if you can get the same great results a little quicker, GREAT! The reduced chance of splatter or "sling off" is another added benefit.

On the other hand, If you're a professional detailer or body shop technician and spend your entire day polishing, PO106FA may be just what the doctor ordered.

We're offering Menzerna PO106FA for our customers that want to try a slightly different version of a really great polish. Application is the same as for PO106FF and Menzerna Final Polish II

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