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PO 91E, Menzerna Intensive Polish

$CAD 27.99

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Most people would call Menzerna's PO 91E Intensive Polish an abrasive compound. It removes 2000 grit sanding traces, swirls and paint defects. Menzerna calls it a polish because it removes these defects with minimum or no loss of surface gloss. On most light colors you can go from Menzerna Intensive Polish directly to finishing with your favorite wax or sealant. On dark color paints, a subsequent once over with Menzerna PO106FA will produce a completely swirl-free, high gloss surface. While this accomplishment isn't turning lead into gold, it's as close to alchemy as you can get in the car care business!

Lets go back to basics. If you have swirls in your car's finish, you have three options.

1- You can live with them.
2- You can hide (fill) them temporarily with filling polishes or glazes.
3- You can permanently remove them.

Most of us car care perfectionists had to dismiss option three because it required a circular polisher and an abrasive compound. You actually abrade away the paint or clear coat surrounding swirl until the swirl is gone. Compounding, however, requires a little skill with a circular polisher and leaves the surface dull. This dullness, or haze, is normal and part of the compounding process. To remove this haze, you would polish with increasing less abrasive polishes until the paint's gloss is restored. Most of us do not have enough confidence to tackle this procedure.

That leaves us with option two. Non-abrasive polishes and "swirl removers" typically contain a strong solvent base. This solvent rounds off the top edge of the swirl robbing sunlight of a sharp edge to cause a reflection. Fillers in the polish then fill the swirl. When you wax over the polish, you seal the fillers in place. In most lighting conditions, this procedure makes swirls invisible. The downside is, swirls will re-appear as the wax ages and the whole process will need to be repeated

Menzerna Intensive Polish is unique because it actually removes swirls, like a compound, yet it minimizes or eliminates haze, like a polish. Unlike domestic compounds and polishes, Intensive Polish is water-based. It does contain a petroleum distillate, but it's a lubricant not a solvent. It will not soften or affect the curing of fresh paint. Also unique is the fact that it contains no fillers of any kind. In fact, it contains no fillers, no glaze, no wax and no silicones!

What menzerna Intensive Polish does contain are some of the highest quality and uniformly sized, milled abrasives in the world. These particles can polish out 2000 grit swirls and remove surface oxidation with minimal or no surface haze. Remember, Menzerna Intensive Polish is removing swirls, not just filling and hiding them.

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